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(Xamada Hook) Caô, caô, caô Xangô (greeting Orixá with a formal Yoruban salutation) Cristal é de rocha firma me e seguro me (Crystal of Rock, firm me and secure me) Voz do Trovão Caô Xangô (Voice of the Thunder, Caô Xangô) (Mic Crenshaw) Prenatal to fatal, cradle to grave Cosmic river deliver rain to waves subconscious rhythm liberate the slave The awesome and the awful the path is paved Thoughts prophesies I philosophize saw through the eyes of the strong and the wise Destined for death some are petrified Thunder clap cracks and electrifies Wet leaves on the trees reflect the sky The OG with the reason to testify Example speaks truth more ample than words The youth take the route that you can’t disturb Respect the process success and God bless We participate as we observe Interact with the facts that guide the search Earth, air, fire, water, spirit merge (Hook) (Pharaoh The 47) Time to educate call me Pharisee They be talking they be talking tell them change that fallacy Itʼs a nebulous, can never mess with us The thing is strenuous Thatʼs just how it be when youʼre the Cabiosi Wuta yazo Let em know let em know Yeah we come from a place that You can never go If you never chop sleep ogs you can carry go Cause we eat stress bare like say we chopping Haribos Hit em with the thunder messing with the Pharaoh doing what we must but donʼt do nothing to Illegal Only live once so donʼt act like thereʼs a sequel Everybody different everybody equal It fit like say they no dey grab The kind of pigin I dey yarn We been dey play with this our life like say we playing Bakugan Settle down please everybody settle down Pharaoh 47 for the crown (Hook) (Quincy Davis) Lightning strike the point I start to write Lightning strike the shadow brought to light Lightning strike the people learn to listen Lightning strike receive the transmission Truth we been given deliver through lyricism Cut through invisible prisons illusion of division That condition the brain, we living with the mission To hit 'em with the vision it will never be the same Indigos and the old souls Holding solutions beyond what we don't know (we don’t know) Blaze trails where they don’t go Walk with the guidance we never really solo See, ancestors speak to me In four hundred twenty eight hurt frequency Transmit from the ancient place I’m making space for wisdom that’s tailor made First look inside for the change And everyday giving praise... To Mother Earth, and Creation 7 generations, knowing life will remain Cleanse out the pain, cleanse out the cycles of trauma engrained First come the lightning, then come the thunder, then come the rain
(AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) 1 by 1 Liberation 1 time, 1 by 1 (Quincy Davis) Liberation times of the rising up of the fearless Activation diamonds inside us and they the realist Dealing with this virus the medicine is what I’m dealing Our people were the shamans still ride with us for the healing I’m calling all the wisdom is encoded in my veins Not falling for illusion selling soul for the fame Middle fingers up to gate keepers at his game 'Cuz only ancestors need to co-sign my name Through phases of generations From the ancient to the future the truth is remaining sacred Give my praises to all creation Continuation facing the Crossroads Of liberation or create our own enslavement Open iris see the virus in the code Trying to program all these lies up in my dome But like my great grandfather mining for coal The pressure of this life is making diamonds from my soul (Mic Crenshaw) They augmented I’m authentic, strong gifted and positive i’m in solidarity with those who seek their sovereignty turn around, you heard the sound whole lotta folks yelling burn it down a lot of us just want to make it out I’m like- what can I do right now yo you want living wages but i want liberation you stuck waiting you frustrated I’m running out of patience babies locked in cages and the reign of racist rapist vulnerable to contagion of the hatred they hold sacred manufacturing the pathogens then targeting the africans they patented the natural shit while attacking the inhabitants of the sacred spaces and nature in the places that they traveled to its sad to think we’d have to be trapped in a man made tragedy transform through the damn storm for this purpose I was born put your pants on stand strong adapt to the new norm (AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) We keep it movin' 1 by 1 Liberation 1 time, 1 by 1 (AshEL SeaSunZ) So unforgettable The feeling awakening the heart of the jewel in the Lotus incredible Pain is inevitable response are critical Integral inner-view The midst of this cancer societal answer Serving this medical miracle dispensing these legible edibles in intervals Literal bars Federal charge Ours raw Yours pause God laws Dual torus Kicking vampire
(Quincy Davis) Ayo the truth is what I seek I see we glued to all these screens, what’s a human left to be? Ask google: am I livin' in reality or dream? Technological addictions turning children into fiends I been that kid in the basement, living escapism Without wisdom, turn the brain into the state prison That’s what I mean when I say invisible cages Up in the matrix, where the pleasure’s the way to embrace enslavement Isolation with society's virus makes self-hatred Never taught that we are sacred Dedicated to the dopest young MC Now she would of been 23 RIP, I guess her spirits free But I wonder why this world will never see All the gifts that she could bring And why this world didn’t have no place to help her spread her wings Another world is what we dream ’n activate the master key On that frequency, we'll be the ones plant the seed (Quincy Davis Hook) Dedicated to the children of the sun Dedicated to the children of the earth Dedicated to the wisdom in the blood Dedicated to the healing of the curse Dedicated to the children of the stars Yeah, let it be known we the ones Yeah, dedicated to the visions of the heart It’s just begun (Mic Crenshaw) I’m sending out reverberations in multiple directions I do this through the music and I put love in my profession Since I trust you with the mission I’m flooding your perception There’s a lesson in this lecture the message is a blessing Let it touch you intellectually and take possession Release the pressure and the stress bring the pleasure of success Mass extinction underway and we can’t even run away Take a space ship to the space station play station placation A virtual visualization escapist vacation True earthlings do know we simply have to face this Human beings are just one of many different races It’s basic if you’re racist then you’re just suicidal Get out the way or get crushed by this movement that is vital Greatness is something to which we all are entitled And I am inspiring the youth 'cuz it's ensuring our survival (Hook)


released April 12, 2021

All tracks produced by Quincy Davis
Recorded by Quincy Davis, 7Vision Studios
Mixed / mastered by Gary Noble
© 7Vision


all rights reserved



Quincy Davis Portland, Oregon

Quincy Davis is a music-producer, lyricist, recording artist and creative director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His work taps into the depths of his story and speaks to global issues we face as humanity, with the intention to inspire personal and collective transformation. ... more

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