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(Mama C) The ancient eyes see… 
You ready to take this journey.
 The timing is good
 For this assignment 
We give our stamp of approval

 Just be aware of the possibility 
Of losing transmission 
In this dimension Captivated by drama and ill-lusions Through the shadow of the real world
 Your heart is the guide 
Trust what you know that cannot be explained You will be taken to the edge of life & death 
In order to remember your sacred gifts
 With responsibility to deliver
 This original expression

If you don’t offer what you have for the world, it will be lost 
It is your job to keep the channel open 
Clearly and directly True power flows through the hollow bone 
Translated through you into action Warrior for life
 Center to the path that ahead and the path behind 
in continuity with the ancestors
 Aligned with Creation 
Dancing towards the new dawn 
Remembering the ceremony… Life

 We salute the courage of the rebel wise.
 Enjoy the ride and remember…
Remember… Remember (whisper)

(Quincy Davis) Awake the matrix, time to recognize holograms and facts Awake the matrix, slangin' red pills, swallow that, facts If the game is about sayin’ nothing but bluffing and calling that facts what happen when hollywood rappers that hooked to that molly, get hooked to the polygraph? Facts we see thru the liars that dealin' that virus we dealin' wit remedys an deal wit integrity never be dealin' wit trends, we dealin' wit legacy they cannot f*** with my energy, I cannot f*** wit the enemy I must remember the seven G ahead of me reppin' these blessings as weaponry to make my way through the pain an violence, when the world feel like an insane asylum I stay paying homage and remain reminded of the main assignment see I came here ridin’ on Haleys comet, now I’m slangin' product like Reaganomics I just be choppin up dope with the medicine, flippin these keys for the mind I just wanna break out the system we livin, condition the prison inside I just believe in the healing of sickness, freedom for all of my tribe I just got visions to manifest, through these dimensions I’m walking this line I'm walking this line (AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) Warrior Vow Warrior Strong Warrior Vow (AshEL SeaSunZ) Barbara Jean Wright courts  westside Chi town around the block where the killers at Now Im west coasting dosing the tracks exposing the ghost like im Miramax pulling back the curtain Working for souls So Married to truth  That my prose just proposed Haters be lurking  Get Burnt in glow Focused on goals Red is the road  Ha.. Look, I een battle no more Sun zu moving in chapel next door Next to the dojo Next to garden  Sleep in studio To wake up the artist  They wasn't around  Up through the am I'm pounding the ground  You can swallow my sound Thunder no wonder We flurry with style  We carry the crown (AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) (Mic Crenshaw) Appreciation beats appropriation Plant my seeds that cultivation My soul created that motivation To take a jagged blade slit the throat of satan Flows designed to mobilize Close your eyes I open minds When I vocalize I glow and shine Like gold and diamonds that are pulverized Born to fight and I roll the dice Socialized to be cold as ice Code of honor like poltergeist That controls your life it’s so concise Gifted existence transcending this plain Infinite wisdom infused and ingrained From the feet in your shoes to molecules in your brain Feelin confused let the music explain (AshEL SeaSunZ Hook)
(Xamada Hook) Caô, caô, caô Xangô (greeting Orixá with a formal Yoruban salutation) Cristal é de rocha firma me e seguro me (Crystal of Rock, firm me and secure me) Voz do Trovão Caô Xangô (Voice of the Thunder, Caô Xangô) (Mic Crenshaw) Prenatal to fatal, cradle to grave Cosmic river deliver rain to waves subconscious rhythm liberate the slave The awesome and the awful the path is paved Thoughts prophesies I philosophize saw through the eyes of the strong and the wise Destined for death some are petrified Thunder clap cracks and electrifies Wet leaves on the trees reflect the sky The OG with the reason to testify Example speaks truth more ample than words The youth take the route that you can’t disturb Respect the process success and God bless We participate as we observe Interact with the facts that guide the search Earth, air, fire, water, spirit merge (Hook) (Pharaoh The 47) Time to educate call me Pharisee They be talking they be talking tell them change that fallacy Itʼs a nebulous, can never mess with us The thing is strenuous Thatʼs just how it be when youʼre the Cabiosi Wuta yazo Let em know let em know Yeah we come from a place that You can never go If you never chop sleep ogs you can carry go Cause we eat stress bare like say we chopping Haribos Hit em with the thunder messing with the Pharaoh doing what we must but donʼt do nothing to Illegal Only live once so donʼt act like thereʼs a sequel Everybody different everybody equal It fit like say they no dey grab The kind of pigin I dey yarn We been dey play with this our life like say we playing Bakugan Settle down please everybody settle down Pharaoh 47 for the crown (Hook) (Quincy Davis) Lightning strike the point I start to write Lightning strike the shadow brought to light Lightning strike the people learn to listen Lightning strike receive the transmission Truth we been given deliver through lyricism Cut through invisible prisons illusion of division That condition the brain, we living with the mission To hit 'em with the vision it will never be the same Indigos and the old souls Holding solutions beyond what we don't know (we don’t know) Blaze trails where they don’t go Walk with the guidance we never really solo See, ancestors speak to me In four hundred twenty eight hurt frequency Transmit from the ancient place I’m making space for wisdom that’s tailor made First look inside for the change And everyday giving praise... To Mother Earth, and Creation 7 generations, knowing life will remain Cleanse out the pain, cleanse out the cycles of trauma engrained First come the lightning, then come the thunder, then come the rain
(AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) One by one, liberation one time, one by one Liberation, one by one (Quincy Davis) Liberation times of the rising up of the fearless Activation diamonds inside us and they the realist Dealing with this virus the medicine is what I’m dealing Our people were the shamans still ride with us for the healing I’m calling all the wisdom is encoded in my veins Not falling for illusion selling soul for the fame Middle fingers up to gate keepers at his game 'Cuz only ancestors need to co-sign my name Through phases of generations From the ancient to the future the truth is remaining sacred Give my praises to all creation Continuation facing the Crossroads Of liberation or create our own enslavement Open iris see the virus in the code Trying to program all these lies up in my dome But like my great grandfather mining for coal The pressure of this life is making diamonds from my soul (Mic Crenshaw) They augmented I’m authentic, strong gifted and positive i’m in solidarity with those who seek their sovereignty turn around, you heard the sound whole lotta folks yelling burn it down a lot of us just want to make it out I’m like- what can I do right now yo you want living wages but i want liberation you stuck waiting you frustrated I’m running out of patience babies locked in cages and the reign of racist rapist vulnerable to contagion of the hatred they hold sacred manufacturing the pathogens then targeting the africans they patented the natural shit while attacking the inhabitants of the sacred spaces and nature in the places that they traveled to its sad to think we’d have to be trapped in a man made tragedy transform through the damn storm for this purpose I was born put your pants on stand strong adapt to the new norm (AshEL SeaSunZ Hook) We keep it movin' 1 by 1 Liberation 1 time, 1 by 1 (AshEL SeaSunZ) So unforgettable The feeling awakening the heart of the jewel in the Lotus incredible Pain is inevitable response are critical Integral inner-view The midst of this cancer societal answer Serving this medical miracle dispensing these legible edibles in intervals Literal bars Federal charge Ours raw Yours pause God laws Dual torus Kicking vampire
(John Trudell) There's nothing wrong with us... Except how we see or don't see If we don't figure out something here and now... We live in the right time and right place To meet the need of the evolution If we understand that, then we will be up to it and we will meet that need Because we cannot control what's going to happen in the future But how we use our individual and collective coherency Will influence the evolutionary outcome of what this reactionary, non-thinking, exploitive, manipulative beast has in mind We cannot out fight them There may be times to fight, but we cannot out fight them Because they invented that kind of death Through history, since they invented that kind of death Every provocation has been to get us, at some point, to try to out fight them And so to me, it's like no, in reality we've got to out think them We're surrounded in a reality where you have to have permission to think That's called chain of command They don't have permission to think Only a few get to think. See, this starts to equalize out the numbers So if you really, really think about it, the guerrilla warrior of the future... Is going to be the one that thinks (Mic Crenshaw) We peeped the allegory at the campfire listening as elders shared the stories of the vampire's victims how do I not make the same mistake? wisdom generate the vision, obliterate the prison molten lava, imminent terror tight rope walking over the caldera eras, ages, epochs and phases instruments and gauges in incremental stages it's clear who engineered the fear and doubt more than ears to decipher what you hear about zionist neurosis, scientific psychosis explore the folklore, it’ll tell you that you chose this exposed to the elements, fragile and delicate so relevant development of agile intelligence not practical or tactical to be on your back defenseless capitol offenses actually prevents this the instant telling me, common sense compelling me self defense extensive, existence is a felony how much of the predatory’s actually hereditary represent the truth you carry, be an evolutionary (Quincy Davis) verbal alchemy when I'm spittin' these rhymes vision to reality, shiftin in time breaking through the lies of these prison bars meditating in the hills trained my vision sharp now my tactics guerrilla, take action wit principle livin with a system where the prison is invisible dehypnotize, reveal the schemes who deal the fiends and seal the screams in the field of dreams of the matrix, I’m blazin' mics, sendin’ rays of light through the dark phase in this maze of life see through eyes with the sacred sight with the guidance of the spirit through the ancient rite of passage ways to rise how it's meant to be, from inside realigned with my memory activation, natural energy earth people unite, to manifest with integrity by way of life, represent 7G see in my heart is the truth and remedy to transform the pain, load up the clip now I even got love for my enemies… bang (Claudia Cuentas) People are raising Raising Everyday Freedom in our voices Clarity in our thoughts Our Hearts are singing Giving, Receiving Commanding The Earth is alive The Earth is alive The Earth is alive She lives within us (John Trudell) So life was about responsibility and the earth was the mother So somewhere in each and every one of us there's a collective genetic memory That goes way back to the beginning of the original dream, the beginning of our stories And our relationship to power and reality is connected to us understanding that that is there
(Kunu) I miss my Nani, I miss my Jaji I miss my Gaga and my Choka too This gotta be a nightmare man this can't be true They stole my cousins and they took our hair Beat the beauty out of bodies without a single care Stolen innocence, man this ain't fair But i was different they couldn't break my spirit I curse them in my language so my ancestors could hear it Maichade! Wanachida! Through the pain, I found peace Cold concrete in the deepest of the deep of the belly of the beast It's where I found my sleep The colonizers couldn't tame my soul I'm a human being and I was whole when they found me in my homeland Now it's stolen And what they took, they replaced with a book (Talilo) I'm finding my way and I got to be brave and I look in to the mirror to be saved Navigate my hate when I’m on this base am I gonna be dying today? I don’t know fa sho Sabi nang Nanay ko (my mother told me) Na ito ay si Marcos (this is Marcos) Wanted a war to be off of the shores, on course to Vietnam Generation scars that kill the songs inside of my shamanism heart Taking my prayers to the other gods that aren’t mine Cuz I been so blinded by the sight of my eyelids on islands I never know why I've been seeing my people confide in America lying on top of the genocide of our people Ang mga kastila (the Spaniards) Sinubukan na kunin ang aming kultura (tried to take our culture) Wala ka sa amin (you got nothing on us) Dumura kami sa libingan mo (we spit on your grave) May tattoo pa rin ako (I still have tattoos) They don't know Our sun drops rays on the blood lines The guns that killed our parents are brought with us on the frontlines And this happened more than one time 7 thousands islands divided but we are one tribe in prayer (Toni Hill) My people, my people, my people We’ll make it through, hold on to faith We’ll make it through, my people say We’ll make it through, stand firm fist raised We’ll make it through... (Mic Crenshaw) The Reagan era The the way they portrayed us explains The images your imagination conveys The banging and gangs Rodney king and the riots in LA The state was oppressive, abusive Repressive and ruthless Fluent in the language of violence I saw a lot of cats dying Trying to shine off the refined product provided They were buying from government supplying Rights of passage, life just passes Sometimes tragic like the fabric just opens up Growing up to know enough The way death kept showing up Throwing us away No one gets to stay beyond a legacy Police blowing us away every day That’s a heavy price to pay Every life they take Something's got to give, something's gotta break For Creations sake, I pray (Quincy Davis) Growing up with no role models The only motive we know is be down to ride full throttle Memories of my tribe getting high rolling A year later just like the big homie I’m overdosing Not to death but to psychosis Feel the weight of these demons on my soul is too heavy to hold on, I’m hopeless Feeling hideous this world is insidious And my city is covered in clouds dark as obsidian Living with no lineage or roots I can hold onto But I know my truth Used to look up to the dealers Now I’m looking up to healers And look into my shadow where the fear is... Transformed to love Til' there’s nothing left and I’m fearless Shedding blood praise the Great Spirit Ceremony of life in service to Creation Do we hear the call of Mother Earth and Seven Generations? (Toni Hill) My people, my people, my people We’ll make it through, hold on to faith We’ll make it through, my people say We’ll make it through, stand firm fist raised We’ll make it through, and find our way My people... My people, my people, my people We’ll make it through, one life We’ll make it through, one tribe We’ll make it through, one life We’ll make it through, one tribe
(Quincy Davis) Dedicated… Dedicated to the children of the sun Dedicated to the wisdom in the blood Ayo the truth is what I seek I see we glued to all these screens, what’s a human left to be? Ask google: am I livin’ in reality or dream? Technological addiction turning children into fiends I been that kid in the basement, living escapism Without wisdom, turn the brain into the state prison That’s what I mean when I say invisible cages Up in the matrix, where the pleasure’s the way to embrace enslavement Isolation with society’s virus makes self-hatred Never taught that we are sacred Dedicated to the dopest young MC Now she would of been 23 RIP, I guess her spirits free But I wonder why this world will never see All the gifts that she could bring And why this world didn’t have no place to help her spread her wings Another world is what we dream ’n activate the master key On that frequency, we'll be the ones plant the seed (Quincy Davis Hook) Dedicated to the children of the sun Dedicated to the children of the earth Dedicated to the wisdom in the blood Dedicated to the healing of the curse Dedicated to the children of the stars Yeah, let it be known we the ones Dedicated to the visions of the heart It’s just begun (Mic Crenshaw) I’m sending out reverberations in multiple directions I do this through the music and I put love in my profession Since I trust you with the mission I’m flooding your perception There’s a lesson in this lecture the message is a blessing Let it touch you intellectually and take possession Release the pressure and the stress bring the pleasure of success Mass extinction underway and we can’t even run away Take a space ship to the space station play station placation A virtual visualization escapist vacation True earthlings do know we simply have to face this Human beings are just one of many different races It’s basic if you’re racist then you’re just suicidal Get out the way or get crushed by this movement that is vital Greatness is something to which we all are entitled And I am inspiring the youth 'cuz it's ensuring our survival (Hook)
(Gaknew Roxwel) Boarding the train, scanning for seats, ‘ keeps an eye out for threats, coat wet from the rain. Brain on repeat, writing rhymes in his head’s how he fled from the streets where his brother was slain. His mother’s in pain. Something had changed. Made him swear not to be another thug in the game. He switched lanes seeing there was nothing to gain, But with the memories, it’s hard to maintain. Stress, post traumatic. Suppose the static Friction between peers was to partially blame. Came from a host of addicts, systematic chains. Fear’s somatic strain was hard to refrain To restrain the anger that came to protect him, ‘ made them respect him. Father neglects him. Live’s like living in the den of a beast, Staring at the caves opening looking for peace And the wisdom, that’s meditation. sometimes the quiet feels like medication. Sometimes the rhyme feels like levitation. Inside his mind ‘ feels slight elevation. Alleviation... (DJ Scratches) Vibrate high 3rd eye, Vibrate high That's medication Inside his mind (Quincy Davis) He wonder if we're living in a dream in a dream who’s dream are we living? Unplug the screen, begin to see his own dream vivid Redefining his reality, while those around him be like: "this is just how it is" but that’s a fallacy Based on the concept that everything change is the only constant And the essence is manifested through the process that begins within... Consciousness blossom while rocking his sunny’s over his third eye optics He walk his own path sometimes the role with old homey’s who live the first life and claim Yolo He recognize they don’t know: we got many past lives, reborn as old souls Indigo’s on the rise but stay d-low Dealing with the wisdom, goes beyond the ego Through real eyes see the New World to uplift people Realized true power, in the matrix like Neo (DJ Scratches) Vibrate high 3rd eye, Vibrate high (Mic Crenshaw) He’s astro projecting his 3rd eye is clean He sees the future and it's realer than a dream People living in harmony with the ecosystem We eliminate poverty through ancient wisdom We actually used our intelligence to develop our abilities Infinite growth succumbed to accountability We redistributed wealth based on necessity And prioritized the planet's health over everything (DJ Scratches) He see's the future And it's realer than a dream Vibrate high Over everything That's meditation inside... That's medication inside his mind Cuz imma manifest
(Intro) I've had my eye on you I have been calling you Come to me Into this dream (laugh) Don’t you see?… You can do whatever you want We only live once… Dance with me (whisper) I want you to take me... c’mon… you have something I want (slightly aggressive) do you understand me? (whisper) I want you to give it to me (whisper) Just lay back, close your eyes…. Just forget… Forget... Forget (whisper) (Mic Crenshaw) Born to struggle born to die, born to bleed Born to hustle, born to thrive, born to succeed what a person can endure, A warriors search for Joy certainly can’t avoid what can hurt you and destroy you Thirsty for your mercy, free me from what cursed me these penalties, mentally and spiritually they burn me Scar my interior,  I harden my exterior with each fix I feel inferior but I long to be superior devoid of hope enjoy the dope destroy the focus trying to cope something broke inside another dose, I’m sliding down the slope you just want the euphoria to last but the ball and chain of all your pain is dragging you down fast death is promised, let the economics do the math choose illusion end up losing the most precious thing you have NOPE, victory, overcome the misery this is what was meant to be uplifting life this gift to me (Quincy Davis) They say that life is just a dream been trying to play my role it’s like my life is just a scene cycles I repeat I’m caught up somewhere in between peasant in the King hustler in a Fien just wanna blaze away my pain up to the sky with razor lines to hide the hatred of the face that I disguise behind the brace and thetic lights illuminate my stage at night masqueraders seek in the dramas that coincide with the mantras, repeated and seeded into subconscious calling demons and deceived by that nonsense Unconscious of the toxins in the frequencies they serve in our product like the fetus in a matrix feet is dreamers narcotics addiction to the fantasies dancing through my mind laced with the shadows drowning me inside looking at my life carabiner web of lies I just wonder if I just want to find a way to escape I just want to fly say that life is just a dream been _tryin to play my role its like my life is just a scene _cycles I repeat, I’m caught up somewhere in between.. _peasant and the king… _hustler and the fiend (angry) just wanna blaze away my pain up to the sky wit razor _lines to hide the hatred of the face that I disguise behind the _bright synthetic lights, illuminate my stage at night _masqueraders seekin’ the dramas that coincide (internal) wit the _mantras repeated, than seeded into subconscious callin _demons an deceived by that nonsense___ unconscious of the _toxins in the frequencies they serve in that product like the _fetus in the Matrix, feed us dreamers narcotics add_iction to the fantasies dancin through my mind _laced with the shadows drownin’ me inside _lookin at my life, caught up in a web of lies _I just wanna find…. a way to e’scape, I just wanna… (fly) AHH! (RxN) Pop another pill, snort another line drink another fifth shove my feelings deep inside they can never see the light, all I’m left with is the darkness Walking around with demons convincing me that they’re heartless I’m just trying to figure out my life while looking at these memories dreaming about the day I can be the person I used to be but I can’t do that till I let the pain wash over me death grip on the past and I can’t better set it free Time heals wounds but also kills everything What you doing with this time you got? please don’t die in vain I ain’t asking you to change your world I’m only asking you to change No one else can do it, you’re solo on the stage You can play the part a victim, never take responsibility Or rise above the ashes, be the person you were meant to be the choice is yours, I can promise it ain’t easy Addiction can be overcome, break the chains to set yourself free
(Quincy Davis) There once was a time when this really was the land of the free before it turned into the land of the free were people facing guns but standing for peace and police pledge allegiance to cannibals teeth were victims turned bloody at the hands of the beast politicians dirty money but their hands look clean with words that deceive but as they speak we can see the hearts of men been infected by the cancer of greed fiends for the resources of the planet rock They ravage for the profits don’t look at the cost they colonize the mind break your own shackles off question everything that you’ve been taught and that’s a lot dealing with his anger is scattered does make me want to put it in the chamber start blasting shots but I channel my fire and feel the ashes hat before the phoenix rise salute to standing rock (Hook) (Freddy Flowpez) I've been at it so long Steady tryin to live life I don't wanna hold on I just wanna get mine But it's hard to go on Something doesn't feel right Cause I really feel like Cause I really feel like I don't see success When I look up in the sky All I see is the cries Of the moon in her eyes While she sees Mother Earth Getting stabbed in the thyes By this man made Knife of Greed civilized ughh We been at like its automatic Cause this life is so erratic Turning autocratic While these democratics Emphatically panic Republicans radically manage To be something unabashedly savage So the people weve had it Mad enough To have somebody beheaded But instead we don't let it Infect us We got love for the Earth So we're gonna protect her We got love for the Earth So we're gonna protect her (Hook) (Mic Crenshaw) Spiritual malady infects reality technicalities, protect your salary violence in the street, you turn the other cheek turn your back on your brother so its silent when he speaks Ignoring the plight or your mother denying her the peace ice turn to steam, there’s a fire in the stream and the  nightmares right there in the American dream from this perspective, projection for environment is bleak More questions than answers, destined for cancer? sickness of an elder when you haven’t had a chance to  grow to a ripe age, this phase makes way for the next ice age  the rage I feel is a reflection of the collective weakness of will the evil is real and in order for the people to heal you gotta be able to feel the truth at the root of what the seeds reveal
(Mic Crenshaw) No need for police no bosses or no chiefs No World War III just more world peace Good people free to think and do as we please The trees are green and the breeze from the sea is clean Technology advances in the spiritual direction We please our ancestors and receive protection My families content and my kids are confident Problems aren’t prominent things are looking promising I’ll be working on Vacay I’ll be grinding every day I am away in the A-frame I am refining my a game You can’t find me no place cause I’ll be flying away when I’m riding my apps hang that just brightens my day Atlantic Pacific Indian ocean the planet is dripping My soul is in motion overseas floating that poetry is potent thoughts are focused globally my lane is open (Hook Antonia Marquee) We will rise, we will rise We will ride until the end We will find, we will find All we need is all within As we rise Rise and hold on through the dawn We will find our way home (Quincy Davis) It’s 2020 and my vision is focused Used to say picture me rolling Now it’s a picture of me holding my grandchild Protected and provided for Yeah I’m a sincerely sacrifice for those I'm riding for Now to the future I’mma send these prayers up cuz they timeless Great Mystery we’re learning to trust in the guidance And remember elder wisdom to listen in the silence On your sacred path, facing your fear is the only promise Living in times of transition and living in times of change Given our Mother Earth is hurting, there’s really no time to waste Given responsibility, given our children’s lives at stake Never resigned to fate given his mission to find a way Around the world we play our part to make a difference All connected with intention with opportunity we given We born into the system based on illusion of division This direction that we choose is manifested from the vision Dedicated to my family, I send these prayers from the heart Dedicated to the Phoenix let his prayers be the spark As we rise, one chapter ends, one begins Yeah, all we need is within (Hook)


released April 12, 2021

All tracks produced by Quincy Davis
Recorded by Quincy Davis, 7Vision Studios
Mixed / mastered by Gary Noble
© 7Vision


all rights reserved



Quincy Davis Portland, Oregon

Quincy Davis is a music-producer, lyricist, recording artist and creative director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His work taps into the depths of his story and speaks to global issues we face as humanity, with the intention to inspire personal and collective transformation. ... more

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