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by Quincy Davis

All I Know 03:39
(Chorus) I still got my soul if it’s all I know made my mistakes, earned my scars my heart’s not cold, I still got my… soul (Verse 1) there is no pathway ahead of me, so I trail blaze… play this game wit integrity, let em know there’s a way yeah they_say that you conscious, but you aint selling start selling, they say you aint conscious I just wanna give em an option I just wanna break these boxes dealin wit fake sh**, dealin with hatred dealin wit places where nothing is sacred stuck in the Matrix, dealin wit people that lovin enslavement I got no chain for the savior, cuz no one gon’ save us in the city of angels, city of demons dear God give me somethin to pray for give me somethin to believe in, I been duckin these haters, dealin with snakes, don’ trust in their favors don need to catch up with neighbors don need to puff on these vapors used to live life blunted, and wonder where the day went trippin at night wit synthetic light dance in the shadows wit masqueraders now I’ll never go back, memories in my brain like kodak made it so far, gotta remember…. why I do this, an hold that….. in my minds vision… hold that in my minds vision not about_copin these whips and f****** these hos let it be known this a higher mission (Chorus) (Verse 2) been underground, levellin up now this the point I can never give up now this the point where the devils show up now with 2 bad chicks ready to f*** now how do you want it? Do you want to pleasure? Do you want money? I know you want something... you can be famous in the eyes of the public, we’ll give you that coverage people just wanna be entertained, like shadows on cave walls don’t matter who’s real and who are the puppets just give em your poison, they'll love it na… I don want nothing, cuz people I’m one with they judge em, but dealing wit gods, in glass ceiling, so what’s above it... I wonder... do we just wanna f***, like we forgot what love is ? do we jus wanna see the blood and not feel the pain from the heart that pump it? I need healing, from the trauma my ancestors suffered colonized, civilized mind, slow death, killing us bloodless addicted to feedin that hunger, that’s a part of my past that I’m don with got back up and I learned from it now I stay on this path with a compass it’s a cold game, who you trust in? with this dirty money, would you touch it? I’m out the cave, will I reach the summit? I’m close to the edge and pray I don’t plummet (Chorus)
(Verse 1) this dedicated to the movement born leader steppin forth, Imma have to prove that Love is the key, though, it’s hard to find where proof is in this world, sometimes, it’s hard to find where truth is they say, it’s a cold game, I know that you knew this every table that you sit to break bread, there’s a judus gotta sacrifice, but my soul I won’t lose it deep rooted ties only ride with straight shooters in the city I’m from, paid my dues, earned my stripes finally feelin like it’s time to pack up and take a flight across the ocean, ridin with my beautiful wife in this moment truly understand a beautiful life yeah this a vision I been holdin close…. before I let it go cuz it’s a plan that only God really knows so for now I’m workin hard, like my great grandfather mining coal, but I’m mining soul (Chorus) (Antonia Marquee) I found myself again I can see a way through the chaos Now I clear my head I can see what my heart is made of It’s been a long road But I’m back home again Now I’m back home (Verse 2) truth, love, unity - that’s what I stand for prepared to battle but peace is what I plan for and my future wife and child’s who I grind for I live this... I ain’t gotta speak of what I’d die for so many illusions of this world to get you hypnotized but only up inside is where the true vision lies open eyes see the blessings in disguise to stay with your intention until you manifest it so many lessons learned hard way, but never give up cuz everything we need, the universe will give us just take the next step to see the new vantage point if you never take action, still that’s a choice but be brave, only you can walk your path, and there’s a reason that you breathing you got a gift, I know the world needs it deep inside ya heart is the vision, can you see it? ya greatness is real, but first you must believe it (Chorus)
Mines 04:06
(Verse 1) both my grand folks built their lives from from nothin I guess it’s in my blood to be hustlin slangin that yola to college kids, yeah they the best customers but that’s easy pay, the easy way I remember the day, my mama would say that my grandfathers watching over me and probably been rolling in their grave damn... what can I say? do I really believe this the reason I’m breathin? I think about future kids an what legacy am leavin? is it all bout flippin these O Zs, running round stressin bout police gotta get back on track, let go of the past, say that was the old me addicted to that fast life, slow death, sippin that co dine, blow trees gotta say No to the old homies, sometimes just stay low key develop my craft, hella nights lonely I believe ‘ll payoff in the end yeah, I chose this life for the music,or maybe it chose me... if I can just break out of this city, there’s so this world can show me I can just break through the doubts in my mind that been try’n to control me rebuild from the ground up, now I really know what my worth is redefined purpose, all the sacrifice, now I know, it was worth it (Chorus) From here… I will walk without fear I can see so clear Tell me where do we go from here? (repeat) (Verse 2) I been deep in the mines…. of my soul got diamonds, had to find to bring back it’s been a hell of a climb, I’ll never forget what I left behind in my mind, scars of the memory where the enemy still resides will they remember me for my dark times or remember me for my shine? this redemption music I write, is my attempt to fuse my life into these songs, hopin’ the people can use it, knowin one day I’ll be gone in the physical, but then I’ll be home for now, I’m livin strong with a mission though killin shows, flipping gold, that could put my whole city on gotta stay sharp like obsidian deallin wit snakes and pretty h*s crossin’ my path, gotta stay focused knowin any minute I’m soon to blow out on the road, I'm doing shows... hearing cats that I used to know... put salt in the air thrown hate... that is all good... as long as they know it aint mutual it's been a long time coming, now I finally know why the struggle so beautiful over stand, Creator got the master plan still I pray for the future though overlooking the city, I write these flows livin proof of the life I chose spark that rise from the coals enlighten the dark this the life I…. know (Chorus)
Be Brave 04:09
(Verse 1) yesterday, give me nothin but stress today so I pray for tomorrow but every step that I take, the temptations get stronger and the journey seems longer I just wanna escape from the pain and the trauma I just want the checks with the commas I just want girls that give knowledge I just wanna load up the clip with my dreams... empty the promise yeah I’m sick, but f*** all the doctors i jus wanna live in the mountains, chill with the shamans I been feelin this karma catchin right up to me, dealin with drama gotta step back from the crew, back from the chronic back from the brew, slangin that product for myself, now it’s time to be honest dealin wit addictions the problem what kind of man will I be when I’m raising a daughter? am I living with honor? gotta stop f****** wit porno, that s*** is demonic now I see it, I call it now that there’s no one to blame, my life aint the same I just wanna switch up this game I just wanna break out these chains, make my own name gotta be brave, cuz this path isn’t paved (Chorus) gotta be brave baby make it through the storm stay calm You’ve come a long way, baby keep on stay strong (Verse 2) yeah it’s hard when the weather be rain to cleanse out pain of the memory... scarred gratitude be the remedy I’m not 6 feet deep in the cemetery... calm... in the eye of the storm made it so far, but got so far to go, gotta stay strong what did I learn right from the wrong wisdom I earned, put my life in a song put my city on, don’t f*** with the crab bucket only bout makin crab bucks stuck on that he say, she say, no us? there really aint many I trust... these days... I been gettin pre-paid calls on the ID from old demons, thought that I set em all free... but they callin me back like they know me they be like... where you been homie? I thought you was keepin it real you jus a phony... s*** I will just look at you, I won’t react to you I will just see you for who you are, I will jus laugh at you I will not hide from you, I will acknowledge you I will not be down to ride wit you no more now, this what I’m bout now this who I am and I live wit no doubt now (Chorus)
Rise 04:01
(Chorus) everyday I’m on this grind to find a way everyday I rise, first I give my thanks, and my praise through the pain, in times of change, gotta find my strength cuz I know we got to find a way (Verse 1) music my medicine created from love, you can let it in raw unedited, no sedatives shine like Edison on top of my game, it’s evident I’m feeling better than I ever been road to success I made a map, put in my raps, so remember this everyday on this grind is a test to me enemies try hexing me too much medicine that be tempting me everybody want that best of me I might of fell of but I’m here now sobered up and I see so clear now I am not living in fear now healing these scars, feeling geared out I rock these beautiful scars as I walk under beautiful stars look inside, to find ya truth to be living proof to say who that you are say who that you are always stay true to your heart I been to the dark, found that spark now imma give light, imma shoot for the stars (Chorus) (Verse 2) over the haze, over the modern day maze rise… out of the prisoner walls of the cave, for the modern day slave I don’t pray to this man made God, I pray to the most high so I… don’t need to be dealing with devils to co-sign manifest these dreams from my own mind I pledge my allegiance to my heart I pledge my allegiance to the grind imma stay on track, out of the dark imma write these raps, imma give em shine live what I speak, it’s no gimmick play my part in my own image freedom to vision wit no limits need no critics, ya I’m cold with it you feeling the vibe, just roll with it give you this art with my soul in it been to the dark, deep in the mines found that gold, now I'm gon' spit it true to my heart… you will go far if you can remember just who that you are… be living proof, and keep on shooting for the stars (Chorus)
Lighthouse 03:55
(Verse 1) I grew up lookin up to the dealers, now I’m lookin up to the healers now I’m tryin to hustle this medicine, in my music, can you feel it? (x2) livin the change is feelin the pain, sometimes... but you don’t have to feel it again from years past them nightmares are still in my veins, engrained into my memory the difference is, now I look into mirror and see no enemy I chose to play this game that’s more competitive than it’s ever been with snakes so venomous, that spit that poisonous rhetoric but I transform it into the medicine that make me a better man I’m all in, God couldn’t give me no better hand, I trust that but I never was one to trust no devilish reverend blazin up blunts wit bible passages, laced with amphetamines pass it around the casket of my past, R.I.P, give my sentiments turn my back, moving forward, now to life I give my reverence on stages, blazin' mics, it’s a marvelous sight to see these visions manifest from the pages, as the novelist write (Chorus) when the nights get cold shadows reachin for ya soul jus know... we will be that light house (light house) to help you find ya way home (Verse 2) I know one day I'll blow up, I wonder if it’s my time yet these dreams been on consignment, but that devil that’s in the fine print land of smoke and mirrors, what’s left when that smoke clears? what’s left when you have no fear? I represent for the seers, not deceivers or true believers release my truth to the ethers, connect wit the souls reflecting back the truth you already know, so I will meet you halfway we’ll find that pathway, through the dark on the rise, that Phoenix flies, it all started from that spark yeah death I been so close and that breath of the reaper’s cold but now that door is closed, and it’s life I chose I write these flows for those standing at that crossroads remember you never alone feelin the winds of change, ahead of us blown strong we gotta rise as one, and we know that enemies close temptations I been facing, gotta leave it alone, stay in my zone remember to just breathe... slow... let that energy flow... represent this journey, giving that remedy from my soul (Chorus)
(Verse 1) (Quincy Davis) I see no changes... wake up in the morning and I ask myself... if life’s worth livin should I stash myself... clean water for my family to survive in Flint michigan, did we listen to the cries? got me thinkin' as I’m watchin water flow down the drain, not knowing where it goes, it’s a shame to know people die everyday from the thirst while fresh water flows to the lawns in the burbs they got it good, but what about the rest? and we never know, who’s next while they tryin to privatize water, in my own state got the cascades on lock, for their profits to raise all around the world, controlled by nestle but if I try to catch the rain, they’d arrest me for the dollar bill, where does it end? could you own the water? could you own the wind? (16) (Chorus) (Antonia Marquee) Do you hear me? Tell me do you hear me I’m in need of purity There’s nothing pure for me to drink Why you tryin’ to own the water? Who do you think you are? You better give us what we deserve We need it as pure as our hearts (Verse 2) (Talilo Marfil) knees weak arms heavy they say they care about us, but they don’t just cuz I’m poor don’t mean that I’m not ready to give my body to greater good of yours, of course a war is breaking out so... i see the drought through the windows but it stained with the pain of the chains that have stayed even tho back in the day they was broke i wrote and put my broken soul into the ink of the pen paint a picture of this vision, the Picasso of men i see a throne built on power and the greed at the head of its sheep, is a wolf in its skin in the middle riddle civilians belittled by the mighty men that are witful that says, your basic needs aren’t fitfull to grip a pistol your water contaminated your race is not superior you don’t know your history we flippin this pyramid (Bridge) purify, purify me in my reach, swear that I got it life that i thirst, death surrounds my whole body as I open the bottle, I aint finding no water purify, purify me i can’t believe what I’m seeing i been trying 't find a reason why my family is bleeding in a land full of water but can’t drink it (Chorus) (Bridge) (Quincy Davis) purify me need to find a way to live for my seed m’ni wichoni, water of life so holy, sacred what will it take us... to remember, never take it for granite tell me what they search for when they look at the planets yeah, water is life to grow the seed into the trees we need the trees to breathe
Who Am I 03:01
(Verse 1) I been building up these prison walls in my mind, stuck in solitary old homies turn to adversaries now I’m dolo, hustlin this yola tryin to get this paper right, weight up off my shoulder this world is getting colder, these years I’m gettin older you look into my eyes, see no fear keep composure this pain I hold inside is like tears of a soldier keeping on this mask like the last of October aint tryin to feel nothin, I’m going through the motions if early death is my fate and it’s already been chosen why waste time? heater on the waist line moves across state lines, you heard through the grape vine I’ve fallin by the way side…. stuck in between these angels and demons want me to take sides I walk the city blocks and cats are lookin wild with illuminati eyes and crocodile smiles evil in disguise, in this world’s full of lies now I look into the mirror and don’t even recognize (Chorus) who am I who am I? (repeated) tell me what you see, lookin through my eyes (Verse 2) it seems like these ill thoughts up in my mind will never cease am I livin in the Matrix? will I make it out this dream? just breathe... breathe is what the buddha say if I was born inside a prison would I choose to stay?…. and try to play my role, keep losin sanity in this game all about the vanity, dealin with the fantasy and drama in this world of lies, the world is mine with these dreams of my own demise... all eyes on me... must be bumpin too much Pac cuz now I got early death plots, of my own design while dealin wit these demons, they always say the coldest things trying snuff out my hopes and dreams I'm trying to oversee and fly over seas, cuz people 'round me say I won’t achieve nothin' but a broken dream f*** em, this hunger in my soul got that fire these devils saying, we can give you all that you desire mean while, God asking, what you got to give?…. what you willin to sacrifice, so that you can live?…. (Chorus)
(Verse 1) choppin' up rocks with soda cane got street dreams, of holdin weight dropped 6 for a zip the homie got pearly white that’ll blow ya brain now I’m makin moves over state wiped-down dirty 8 stay on my waist and when imma pull it, I’ll go in a blaze and wonder who’ll go to my wake for now I’ll be makin it flip til I hold them bricks and they know my name roll with my clique that be loadin up clips so we let em all know that we holdin them thangs blue blood and the coldest of veins no love to show in this game stack it all up, blow it away numb out the feelin like novacane I can’t say why... I start to get high on my own supply drink to the yak, yak to the drink multiplied, until I close my eyes then I realize, that I gotta wake to another day in the city of rain, where it’s all the same and I got this shadow that follow my frame and these sick thoughts all in my brain and these six shots callin my name and these demons that's callin me out for mistakes that I made, gotta swallow the shame when I feel this bottled up pain in the mirror is who I know to blame lookin at life through a broken pane at the closest range wanna go Cobain (Chorus) Just looking for a way out (repeated) I'm just looking for a way (Verse 2) give me a reason, I got to live they say to prey an then God ‘ll forgive but how can make it through heavenly gates... if I never paid the cost to get in? sick of this suffering, stuck in my mind time to escape this prison ward I’m out by the time I hit the floor but when the drama ends, we livin for? what we livin for? an what’s worth dyin for? let it be known, if there’s a higher force…. or set it in stone... RIP wait…. that’s not the way I can’t give up, no, not today what do my ancestors got to say? in this spiritual war, I’m not a slave listen…. than a voice spoke to me, said you got the choice... to give energy to who you supposed to be and all of this, you were supposed to see and all you’ve been taught is not really true and the thoughts in your mind, they not really you you got a path, you got work to do for this world to change, it’s all on you be the change, live ya truth in this shift we in, it’s much bigger than you but you bigger than this, you the infinite gotta know ya self, gotta give ya gifts speak truth when you grip that mic make it through the battle and get that stripe you played with the shadows, now give that light... give that light don’t sleep too deep, there’s no time you got these enemies and I won’t lie at times it’s hard on the cold grind but inside your heart is the gold mine don’t need no devils to co-sign manifest these dreams from ya own mind sacrifice, stay strong like great granddad, deep in the coal mines start the climb find that spark from ya heart inside ignite that fire that start to rise find ya path through in the darkest night live ya life... speak ya truth when you grip that mic you made it through the battle, now get that stripe you played with the shadows, now give that light (Chorus) I'm just looking for a way
(Verse 1) I been dealin wit this pressure making diamond from coals the mind of a king, but I’m grinding like I’m mining for gold my timing to blow, gettin close, now I find on road... these devils from below that’s tryin to put a price on my soul but let em know I’m past the crossroads and reachin my goals organic home grown, represent the city of rose that’s a zone where they say nobody’s been put on everybody say that it’s their time and it won’t be long lookin up to the OGs who paved the way, we salute you I just wanna unite my city like a zulu, turn off the youtube organic grown community, started locally connected overseas, plant these seeds globally representing Cypher CURE we got that recipe for people dealing with that virus of the matrix, this that remedy remember we all in it together collectively as the consciousness rise to manifest this destiny yeah it’s meant to be (Chorus) (Featuring Nafisaria) keep followin ya heart keep reachin for ya dreams remember who you are and this vision that you see (Verse 2) I play this game with the cards that I been dealt they say that you can change the world, but first you change yourself I wonder what I’ll leave behind the day l fade away not just to make a name for fame, but to pray for change it aint all about this paper chase, still I get my paper straight everyday I lace my J’s, keep it moving, blaze my way elevate above the nonsense and comments haters make stay motivated, cultivate these seeds day by day dream chasing?.. na, we vision manifesting and if we really bout it, everything around will test us but every challenge that we ever face is just a blessing in disguise, on the rise, we connected with the essence love is the key, on this earth we need some healing it’s not drugs that I’m dealing, now I redefine what real is this shine I won’t conceal it, I'm not tryin to be the illest I’m just tryin to put my heart into this music hope you feel it (Chorus) (Featuring Nafisaria) Keep following your heart (repeated) Remember who you are


Official artist website: quincydavismusic.com
Press & booking inquiries: info@quincydavismusic.com


released July 7, 2016

All lyrics by Quincy Davis

Beat production:
Dreamlife Beats (tracks 1, 2, 5, 10)
Strong Symphony (tracks 3, 4, 6, 9)
Kloud Nine Music (track 7)
Mantra (track 8)

Additional vocals:
Nafisaria (tracks 5, 6, 10)
Antonia Marquee (tracks 2, 7)
Charlie Dinero (track 3)

Additional cello by Samantha Black (Tracks 4, 8, 9)

Recorded / produced / mixed by Quincy Davis
Mastered by Nick Moon / Tone Proper LLC
Executive Producer: Quincy Davis © 7G Creative


all rights reserved



Quincy Davis Portland, Oregon

Quincy Davis is a music-producer, lyricist, recording artist and creative director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His work taps into the depths of his story and speaks to global issues we face as humanity, with the intention to inspire personal and collective transformation. ... more

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