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Soul Minor: PerMission To Shine

by Quincy Davis

SAVE OUR SOULS I look around and try to understand If people knew the blood that is on our hands Would we have to think of how to find a way? To help all the people that will die today? Can someone help me try to understand How this the home of the slave and the freedom land Is this how we goin' down in history? Or will we be the change we wish to see?.. Is this what you call humanity? A society seduced in the fear an the dire confusion Is this what you call sanity? Or are we choosing delusion and desire In this empire of illusion If you hear me, tell me it can it be? That if they manage our perception All our actions are neutralized Are you really understanding me? While you intellectualize Technicalities of how we brutalize How can these so-called civilized, speak morality Confined to the matrix, what's reality? Out the prisons of mind I'm on a mission to find, knowledge As ammunition, for this vision inside With these soliloquies I take responsibility Knowing these decisions of mine Influence what the outcome be Now when I'm spittin' these rhymes, it's verbal alchemy Sniper from the balcony, incisions in time (Chorus) We blessed with insight, intelligence in genes To help us realize & manifest destinies They tryin’ to classify your worth into the system And dissipate your power by believing you a victim In masks of illusion true intent is crypted All these television actors got you living like it's scripted Fantasies to see, addicted and complacent When the magazines you read program indoctrination Don’t feed-in and let your energy be wasted It turn your heart colder than a 33rd degree We choose to be free, of these systems you feed We refuse your greed, and psychology Now it's so clear to see, how you reuse your lies We refuse your ties, and symbology We grow stronger, no longer choose to be blind The greatest weapon you can use is the mind For those who choose to search, you will find The greatest weapon you can use is inside (Chorus)
Recognize 03:45
I spit it wit a vision for my people who been hypnotized Into submission in these prisons of the civilized The hive machinery of technologic power mines Feed the comforting illusions of a cowards mind Are we believing that it's freedom leading our lives? Or is the programming feeding into our lies? What type of energy is flowing through these power lines?,, The same time a child's dyin' up in to Palestine With these words I know I'm crossing the battle lines But the master of ceremony keep a balanced mind At manipulation masters wit villainous tongues My sword swing precise not Killin' for fun I know knowledge is a weapon that’s as real as a gun But you can't touch the power like you feelin' the sun They say my chance at victory ‘s a million to one But imma conquer empires like Attila the Hun See, I been to the mines From deep underground on a mission to rise Now I’m livin’ with this vision inside I’m Soul Minor, PerMission to Shine I'm not playing in this entertainment game Perception, deception, the pleasure the pain To gain from the system, the system's engrained I see the game as the system, system as the game Deprogram your brain, it'll never be the same You don't feed the beast, the beast won't remain Maintain a visual, change individual That from within manifests in the physical Recognize life like a ritual No longer waste away our energy habitual We won't comply to be victimized Shine light on the lies of illuminate eyes We recognize the ties, of where the enemy hides But sometimes the worst enemy's inside I’m not a victim, programmed predictive I lived it, decrypted the program and flipped it (Chorus) This energy that flows from the soul through a man Resonate truth cuz I know who I am See earth is my mom dukes, sky is my pops I live for my people, won’t die for the block See this authentic power is not what they got The mind of a King kill lies that they taught Straight from the depths to shine on your blocks Soul Minor drop bars like fort Knox Livin' for the cause, gotta give it to you raw Knowledge is the key, I gotta be Iike Escobar Flippin’ when I speak in the booth, dead sober Trippin' off reality cuz I'm a fiend for the truth I represent 7G an the deepest of the roots And when you recognize the harvest, you'll believe in the proof Only God knows all the dues I've paid And one day they'll recognize all the jewels I laid
Heart In Me 02:50
We can sip poison and lounge with your enemy-friends Where we can act like rappers and pretend to be men Now I’m feelin’ like Pac, writing Hennessey raps Then my memory’s blacked and my venom is trapped Now I spit a antidote with my pen and a pad But still the old homies pretend that we back But na, I’m on track in my ten-and-a-half’s Got a vision of my path and my memory’s back Quincy? Na you’re Jack Guess there’s no way around that People think I’m tryin’ to be black Guess they don’ know that this **** is just a part of me So pardon me when I’m tryin’ to speak the heart in me Through hip-hop, and damn it’s been a while So imma spit this verse then imma have to smile From the earth rise like I’m similar to fire You can watch but you can’t touch my style I don’t get high no more I ain’t just gettin’ by no more As days pass by I ain’t livin’ in a lie no more I ain’t lookin’ to the sky no more… To ask why (x2) This a message to the universe from a man in the flesh Though I don’t understand the meaning yet the answer is yes Yes, we ready for the change Yes, we breakin’ out the chains in these shadows of life I’m killin’ lies when I battle with mics Destruction, creation, when death is a matter of life It’s dedicated to my people down to fight My people down to dream and my people down to build To my people on the scene… Who bring reality, to the ceremony Earn the title emcee I thank the teachers for the reason I can see And I thank the trees for the reason I can breathe I thank the earth and the mothers of our seeds To my woman who heals me underneath the sheets And anybody who feels me when I speak my peace Cuz freedom and truth is what we seek That’s why… (Chorus)
IT’S THE LOVE It's the love for hip-hop It’s love for my people It's love, knowin’ one another as an equal Livin’ for the good not the evil It’s time to step your game up and get up out that ego (x2) I feel it's been a minute since my people simply kicked it Now it's all about the business and the game I feel something changed, with wicked mind frames Slick with mind games got em quick to sign names Then the gifted, switch up their assets to liquid Pose like it's scripted, my flows is encrypted Like artifacts, the fakers never spit a harder track The love, I brought it back through the art of rap With hip-hop, my mistress, I tune out the frequencies Cuz all I need is a freak wit me Do her right, develop into lyrical form When the word is born, cut off umbilical cords From the first days of school, keep my style fresh In the midst of industry pollution take a breath Now put your hands up and rise wit me, We keep it real, no mirages, they’re blind to see Now, forget the clones the robots and the fakers We **down wit the graf artists, DJ's and breakers In these strange times I'm a rhymin’ wit a purpose to change minds Beneath the surface, we reach for the skies With deep-rooted underground ties To put a breach in the lies Of this matrix, escape ambivalent mazes And flip the page from the ignorant ways It’s the love (Chorus) Imma do my best to express how I feel right now An I could give a **** about a deal right now It's for my people, no caps I gotta peel right now But heal right now, this **** is real right now An I ain’t gotta speak the same game, money-women-fame Or perpetuate the same thing from the ego brain I feel it's time for a change And hip-hop go wherever we go, I'm sayin’... Let me take a moment… To look up to the sky What my people steady searching for is really up inside If I'm wrong, than let me stand corrected I say one love, through hip-hop, we all connected God protected, an you ain't gotta be religious Just take a moment look around and tell me, what is this? The 4 elements together, as one Now it's time to bring back… What's that? (Chorus)
Deja Vu 04:32
Am I scared to live? Am I scared to die? I'm feelin’ paralyzed staring at the barren sky Living with this mind full of parasites Taken trips on a slave ship to paradise Dealing wit this sickness, feel I need a brain scan Something got me twisted, thoughts, not of a sane man Trying to make the game change wit the same hand Gambling wit tarot cards, feelin’ like the hanged man Trying to be the king has got me feline like the fool again But I ain’t tryin’ to feel this pain rooted in The shame, that circulate my brain and change the mood I'm in So let me open up with wound again… Again? I'm sniffing up the white I gotta move again Sleeping wit the demons now it seems they’re moving in Yeah it's me an loneliness my only truest friend Cycling from dream to life, feelin’ deja vu again Now I’m feelin’ deja vu again (Chorus) Addictions to the shadows, visions of the casket Thoughts in my brain is like slave to the master Stuck in the dark phase of this rights of passage Initiation, now I'm trying to break this shell of Sleeping with the demons now I'm trying to shake this hell off Speaking to my peoples, yeah they probably said I fell off Deepening this hole doing low life shit Got me wondering how low can this low life get As I'm feedin’ it the sickness seems to grow like this It's like something’s got a hold of my soul like this An though I feel so alone an feel cold like this The truth is… now I kinda feel at home like this Now I'm feelin’ deja vu again… (Chorus) But wait, on this day, I don want an escape I keep frontin’ on reality in front of my face To break the chains will be a struggle but too much is at stake Seems I only played myself, tryin’ to hustle my fate On this day, I see the blessings testing my soul Responsibility's like flesh, it stretch when it grow Fire started from a spark, life start wit a breath The journey of a thousand miles always starts wit a step On this day, I see the chains binding me But I'm not believing in the lies that’s inside of me I do this for my family tree, an my unborn seed Seems I made it through the struggle for my eyes to see Now Can I finally live? For when that day I die… I'll be shedding tears of joy, by the way I cry From living with the truth that I know I fulfilled my purpose I step aside the river flows
I was fallin’ in time Days waste away, when I'm lost in the grind Now Imma follow the signs Cuz the world won’t wait, won’t wait As I’m working on this album, tryin’ to process my thoughts Stressing on the outcome, thinking if I got Too many battle tracks tryin’ to gratify myself The homie said, every track’s a battle in itself Gotta free the lies as I’m travelling this route I realize, everyday I’m battling my doubts Tryin’ to get ‘em out But now that I recognize, sometimes Your enemy’s your adversary tryin’ to help you out I train hard to fight, start to write Deep inside, ignite like sparks at night And my shadow archetype, I dance with it when I… Spar with mics, it’s dark and light And when I’m livin’ in these parts of life That seem like bars of life I breathe these bars to life And remember each scar is right Of passageway, through the cave Truth is the harshest light (Chorus) No longer fallin’ in time Blaze my own way now I’m back on the grind The Universe provides, imma follow the signs Cuz the world won’t wait, won’t wait If it wasn’t for the pain, I wouldn’t have bars like this If not for the dark, couldn’t see stars like this If not the game, couldn’t play cards like this And I couldn’t have strength without scars like this For this life I was given, gotta grind like this When my minds vision and heart combine like this I find that there’s never been a better time like this And I’m reminded by my tattoo to shine like this With my ability to act, trailblazin’ at night From underground with the sound, vibration and light Now I find my place in this life As I shed rays on the dark phase in the maze of this life With a vision that stays in my sight With courage, cuz every day’s a battle and I’m facin’ the fight Now words is my weapon in the days that I write To ignite minds at night, blazin’ the mic (Chorus) Gotta get my mind right
23 05:23
It was 4 summers back I'm rollin’ in the Cutlass, in the cuts Copped the kill from sleep an chopped my first half I'm all in, as summer turn to fall My hustle fine-tuned, yeah I got you on the low An 3 winters back, I was slippin’ on the road Crossed 2 states, in my olds, getting’ deeper in the snow Dirty 8 with no prints, my life support sense I was tryin’ to play the knight, with young visions of a prince At the time, mind on the grind Money on my mind, mind out my body It's like I'm watching myself Baggin’ up, this hustle at the club is adding up The same crew from way back, imagine us… Barkin’ at the sky, smashin’ I-5 Let you know we hold the heaters For the haters actin up And flash on site, so my cash gets right Watch my back for them flashin’ lights And keep my mask on tight It seems my worst enemy's inside the mirror It seems I'm tryin’ to escape my fears, with chrome in my grasp But the omens attached, now they sown my past And I'm tryin’ to shake the demons, hope the moment 'll last I'm tryin’ hard to maintain in this world of mine An find my self, in this world of crime I'm feelin’ like the world is mine Thizzed out freestylin’ wit my homies Movin’ weight to Montana, got me feelin’ like I'm Tony I roam lonely streets, illuminated by the lights of the city Every day’s a gamble, I'm throwing dice in the city Hustle hard, hold it down for my part of the city And shed blood to the gutters to the heart of the city I'm getting’ yakked bumpin’ 10 crack commandments But can't I learn the lesson, until my skin branded Stuck in-between these vices Man it's feelin’ like a crisis, to try to figure what this life is… As the nights is.... Twisted into day, sniffin’ yey Life's a trick and then you die, I'm listenin’ to Jay An tryin’ to find my way Through extremes of the pendulum swings Testin’ my sane, I'm askin’ who be pullin’ these strings Paranoia creepin’ deep in in my veins Ghosts of a haunted brain got me sleepin’ in vein In my dreams, see my twin brother waking from sleep And keeps growing, I gotta kill the clone Before he's mistaken for me As spring turn to summer Even though it don't rain no more The truth is, I can't seem to mask the pain no more Cuz I ain't tryin’ to play this game no more An maintain wit cane in my brain I ain't tryin’ to prey no more To reach a vision, livin’ for the day that I'm free From this prison, maintained by the way that I see Through these eyes, the wise would never live like this Recognize I never wanna see my kids like this I'll never let ‘em feel lost like this I got so much to give, But how am I fittin’ to pay a cost like this? Livin’ wit this loaded karma and profit from cane Gotta reconcile wit my twin brother who got a lot of game But as the world turn, it seems to get him played When this fast life turn to slow death, it's gettin’ grave Now I wonder where this hustle leads Got me searching for that puzzle piece That's revealed from Gods As I start my journey, beneath the stars I feel my cause And walk this path to heal my scars Imma get my head right, from the lessons I’ve been given Imma shed light, cuz it's a blessin’ I am livin’ Then I heard the voice of wisdom speaking He said you made it through the struggle for a reason It's time to get your mind on track Cuz this the life you was given, now find your path Cuz season after season We make it through the Struggle cuz we live it for a reason It's time to get your mind on track Cuz this the life I given gotta find that path
I meditate high above the city streets Breathe trees deep for that moment of peace And feel the remedy To shift thru a difficult phase Inhale heavenly haze, rolled up in a biblical page Thru the 3rd eye, see my life in bird’s eye To catch a glimpse of the future past the physical age Escape from the same analytical rage That bring viruses to minds like they digital plagues I'm on a search for that moment of truth To find my time I feel the warmth from invisible rays Lord knows I gotsta’ make it through this critical stage Sometimes start a rhyme, won’t be finished for days Mos Def, roll up that spinach an blaze Let me hit ‘em with finishing praise 3rd eye shift by learning the ways of the wise Like shadows of the minds when they turn into rays Embrace the moment, let the seconds’ turn into days An let my lyrics float wit the sky Like I'm burning the page With the hope that the energy flow Across the world, like a wings flap turn into waves My mind rise high as I'm burnin’ the haze No longer hypnotized by cheese an learnin’ the maze I wake from a dream, feel a purpose to breath Plant my seed in the earth, with the earth in my seed I'm on a search… To see through facades, rise over the fog And I can feel it in my heart like I'm closer to god Cuz the truth comes only when your eyes can see Now if you ready, take a ride wit me, rise wit me To see through facades, rise over the fog And feel it in your soul like you closer to god Cuz the truth right there for your eyes to see Now we ain’t lost in the game with our minds deceived We on this earth… It’s for a reason Let ‘em know (Marv Ellis) They say the sky’s the limit It might take 3 times til I finish It might take 3 lives just to get it But I plan to meet my quota Movin’ through the line of scrimmage I stand humbled by the limits of my own self A human being with awareness of my own guilt I meditate till time in the now melts ‘Til you hear it in my voice and my rhyme’s felt Too many people lose hope cuz this life’s hard I’m tryin’ to maintain my focus and take charge I am a soldier of this culture with a full-clip Storming the beaches of Normandy on a full ship We are the grains of sand that make the time slip Through the glass that reflects how we all live If we neglect that we’re small and the worlds big Than we’ll snap from the pressure like a dry twig It takes more to survive than what seems real I build faith when I share love and cook meals My spark came from flint rock and cold steel I’m still broke but this moment has a good feel I’m still poised to make points and stay sharp And hunt light when the winter makes the world dark And build patterns of the truth ‘til it’s real art I stick close to the one’s I love the most like I’m ghost I’m here but I’m not I move through the walls but I’m solid like a rock I’m ghost, alone by myself I roam through the world transparent and stealth I’m ghost, I touch you with the verse Connect another dot ‘til the real truth hurts I’m ghost, I’m gone with the wind I breathe to release my peace from within
At times the situation’s heavy on my heart, still I rise Articulate my vision, while you feel the vibes In this manipulation game it seems I'm ill advised From killin’ lies, an finally realize it's real lives That bleed, but do we feel they cries? While dreams televised, sell us lies And kill what's real inside To breed systematic soldiers sprayin’ rounds wit no precision Motivation, mo’-division, globalism, no religion It seems unspoken, television culture vision Protecting broken dreams like codes in prison Select an vote elections, but wont connect the dots Self-deception like followers of pro wrestle plots Complain, you best stop When this game of chess locked They think they next to God Police state check the blocks Invest your stocks, dollars drop, then commence the cops Real revolutionaries know the struggle never stop Hypnotized by the shadow play in front of your eyes The systematic programing, one with the hive Energy, predatorial, abduction of minds The seduction of the Matrix, put trust in the lies Of these elitists, mass manipulators lead the people I see the codes like Neo, hungry ghost, feed the ego And live lost, forget to realize what the real is Rick Ross used to be a prison guard, and he still is An to the killas’ an the hundred-dolla-billas’ Who ain’t got no feelins’ We recognize what the deal is You swallowing that blue pill an followin’ masons Feedin’ in to the new form of colonization For some bread and a place up in the Matrix Think you got it all figured out cuz there, nothin’ is sacred I don't respect you cuz I don't respect the system I got visions of freedom cuz I won't accept the prison
Anya Lupa 02:53
It was all a dream, I used to read the Source magazine A young hip-hop fiend before 17 By 18, my mind shifted to the dark side And by 20 I was loadin’ magazines Visions of myself in the hurse in the worst way Figured that I’d never see my next birthday Sick thoughts got me lost In the games that this *********** curse play Now I’m a dropout and my fam look at me funny Cold stare, chipped shoulder, don’t look at me wrong Broke, stick-up-type, plottin’ for money But why the faster it come, the faster it gone I feel I need the game but it’s leaking my veins I found to write lyrics for keeping my sane And plot my escape through the bars Strategize the best way to play these God-given cards Like this Now I'm passin’ through the eye of an invisible storm Smokin’ till the mineral gone Fiendin’ for peace From these demons causing literal harm At night, my street dreams turn to physical form This criminal charm got me low-key, composed Even though it's feelin’ like coals up under my soles Through these hot blocks In the rearview stressin’ from the cop stop Paranoid, watch the top lock Livin’ in a dream, (it) seems the nightmare prevail Shadows of the night, livin’ life in the veil Seekin’ truth from my people who died to reveal it I can't explain why was given this life, but I can feel it Rest my head by the graves of natives Feed the soul, an grow to let the spirits know I made it As the world keep spinnin’ like a carousel We can't sleep knowing death is the parallel …And lead the troops through This invisible maze and this matrix of lies At night we makes moves with the stars in the skies Guided by above The real revolutionary's guided by Love My people in the blood that travel my veins My lineage is deep like the Huns, when they traveled the plains Now word is my weapon, an these lyrics just hit me Cuz the ancestor warrior spirit is wit me And when it's time to fight I know It's won or lost Long before I dance under those lights Responsibilities, for the power to free Intelligence, perception, the power to see All your guns and your money, that ain't power to me Up inside That's the only powers that's be I got a path, so I gotta get on track I recognize life as a gift, so I gotta give it back Like this


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released June 7, 2013

All lyrics and all tracks produced and recorded by Quincy Davis
Mixed/mastered by Evan "K4" Hodge, Blackhorse Masters
© 7G Creative


all rights reserved



Quincy Davis Portland, Oregon

Quincy Davis is a music-producer, lyricist, recording artist and creative director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His work taps into the depths of his story and speaks to global issues we face as humanity, with the intention to inspire personal and collective transformation. ... more

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