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Visions OutKast

by Quincy Davis

(Verse 1) I can feel something calling me in the wisdom of the calm breeze my heart beat to the rhythm of these dark streets must remember every lesson my scars teach right of passage in the jungle of concrete all for a greater cause only God sees initiation complete now it’s on me to listen in the silence, my heart speaks (Verse 2) responsibility to speak truth in this world so deceitful these lies are like bullets and they lethal change of the times, we ride for the people our tribe will survive, live backwards is evil I’m rollin’ close with my soldier folk so composed in this battle taking over souls broke the code and we rose from the comatose 12 helixes awakened in our chromosomes visions of my heart I gotta translate to sine waves manifested into time space vibrate into the form that this rhyme takes shine rays, hustle hard and supply weight for the cause, flippin’ keys for your mind-state to make 3rd eyes see from behind gates it’s high stakes when I’m moving with divine faith futuristic flow making time wait
(Verse 1) from coming up hustlin’ with ambitions for those dividends now I’m on the conscious tip, living what my mission is now I don’t be talking sh***, I’ll show you how I’m livin’ it broke out those boxes, I’m dealin’ with this infinite to manifest dreams we envisioning living in between 2 worlds, take initiative hustle conscious, product I’m still flippin’ it lyrics is like a narcotic but this a different trip inner-light give sight to life’s shadows frequency high, so we fly, where they can’t go still dealing with my devils and my angels but… now they help me see my life from different angles trust when I listen, the silence is where the guidance is so I don’t need a roley to know what time it is soul mining for diamonds that never counterfeit for lightworkerz shining like a halogen (Ynn) it’s just 2 lightworkerz in a Cadillac keep ya 3rd eye open, no cataracts x2 (Verse 2) initiated for the journey I’m facing now the city is the jungle and hustle in my nature and I smell the imitation when dealin’ with snake agents who change faces like masqueraders trying to put a price on my shine like appraisers but I am just vessel, all praise to Creator laid the foundation, no slave to label, I stay straight as a razor to pave my way, we trail blazin’ down for my city but the world what I travel now keep the circle tight, need no friends, only family now see I do this for my future baby girl and the indigo child in the crowd that could change the world with that old soul wisdom surrounded by false idols talking loud and God’s whisper better learn to listen, with proper intuition that put us in position to complete the mission (hook repeat)
Imagine 02:55
(Verse 1) fly lady, fly lady, just passin’ by fly lady steal my heart wit no alibi fly lady so refined like a diamond she the type you hold tight when you find it summer nights ridin’ out the city, catch the glow of the sunset sky, breathe in northwest natural high frequency, we tuned to the vibe no stress on the mind, it’s all in the perfect time where nothing really complicated sweet as caramel melting in the conversation enticing as her smile, I look into her eyes deep into the sky, I see the stars aligned like it was destined, I’m guessing she a Gemini or Aquemini that wind to my fire elements combine, natural alchemy where we meet between dream and reality (Verse 2) John Lenon said imagine what the world needs so we just staying under sheets to make love and dream lady luscious queen, when I lay with you it feel like deja vu, but now I live the dream the morning light streams in, the summer breeze… and the motions of the sea put the mind at ease vibin’ out, 2 souls in harmonic keys word to Coltrane now I know a love supreme just in our own zone, keep the vibration high through dimensions we ride imma hold you close take it slow, feeling this resonance til’ we hit just the right chord progression synchronize rhythms, I feel ya body give me cues to raise up the tempo, than hold for interlude one Love is what we searching for so we savor this moment before the encore
Too Deep 03:42
(Verse 1) now once upon a time not long ago when a player from the P didn’t have no flow you could find him at the Roseland hustlin’ snow got you the low, plus his demo living with dreams but day by day he just trying to get by in this paper chase living by the code of the game we play and only God knows if he’ll change his ways started with grams, move up to flip zips thought he’s the sh** but the homies hit licks for the come up, they’ll run up with a mask for ya cash then one day they ask if he one of the real ones down to ride gotta put in that work if you ‘bout that life scarface dreams, pounds of white and what’s life really worth if we ‘bout to die? (Rakim) through my travels I try to take righteous steps (Common) I’m in too deep to sleep (Rakim) through my travels I try to take righteous steps right or left could mean life or death (André 3000) the world’s a stage and everybody got to play their part God works in mysterious ways (Verse 2) so if you really down for the squad this dude got a gun collection at his spot he all alone, family out of town we you just need to drive cuddy, are you down? they creep slow through the street wipe down the bullets, load up the heat puffin’ on bomb, trying to stay calm but he can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong and somebody watching thoughts of the consequence of being made the accomplice for the get away part he play he just pray, the cops don incarcerate as he watching them walk to the door he thought, what the f*** am I doing this for? don’t know… right in that instant, he seen the police roll in the distance he yell po-po! (Verse 3) everybody run and jump in the back drive slow, pray not to see the lights flash hats off, be cool, let em pass the cops turn the block and then roll right past damn, everybody just laughs back at the house, talk shit, blunts pass give daps, roll out, he wanna just drive outta town, he look to the sky wondering if there’s more to this life and if all of this karma come with a price from all of this dirt and people he’s hurting if life has a purpose, does he deserve it? he pick up the pen and start writing he didn’t know this would help him to find it and stay out that lonely cell now years later I’m alive with this story to tell
(Verse 1) yeah, I know the pain of waking from a coma over-dosing now seven years later on this path that I have chosen I kick it with my fam and I’m the only not smoking that’s when I start notice, depending on the dosage… that medicine be poison, sometimes it be the closest one’s that love you co-dependent, hurt you most, cuz they don’t cope with… seeing that you changed, stuck up in their ways but I don’t need your criticism, I don’t need your praise and I don’t wanna hear if you just speaking cuz you blazed one day… the next you on other some sh**, blasting stray guilt trippin’ like I aint do enough for you but that’s just how you are and I always got love for you with no conditions, just know I got a mission and yeah it’s your decision if you choose play the victim I’m sorry I can’t be the one to take away your stress it’s on you to choose heal it and I’m wishing you the best, one love (chorus) if you look inside and realize can’t nobody live your life there’s a path only you can find if you look inside and realize can’t nobody live your life you and I got to do for you and I (Verse 2) now I’m living this dream exactly how I wrote it life’s a trip, flying overseas, I’m high off the aroma dead sober seven years, I put down that bottle with no role model, with no pathway to follow now this world I travel with a mic and a Apollo stay humble, hustle hard, you know the motto never caught up in the drama that be consequences of my design so I’m looking at what I choose what manifest inside mind staying focused, I know that it’s my time born leader, yeah aries, so you know that it’s my sign while followers be trying to throw you off your course projecting fears, is it mine, is it yours? it’s clear.. I just keep it moving and don’t think I’ll be missing you got the guidance and I know who to listen to in this game of fools gold, I be giving jewels just wanna motivate, those who got a vision too (Chorus)
'77 01:57
comin’ up with my team and the city of the P know we… reppin’ double seven headed to the T-O-P from the dungeon, family getting Ceelo green that means pockets stay deeper than Jnco Jeans moving product and these hip-hop fiends O-D droppin’ knowledge is the key though and we don’t sleep dope as kilos, chopped up like a Primo beat do my thing, stack C-notes, they be low key… throwing salt in the air, praying that we fallin’ off but never showing up it’s like all of y’all are ghosts in my city yeah we blowin’ up, got a moletov and give a toast to my city who set the bar, I raise it up flying ‘round the world trail blazin’ they just blazin’ up I can’t relate to what… they say if they just complain I don’t think they give they thanks enough, straight up.. stay up out the crab bucket if you comin’ up my brother work with what you got, double up there’s 8 million rappers with a dream and we one of em better know the reason that you hustlin’ my old homie said my music helped him cope with recovering that’s why I’m putting all my love in it and still grindin’ like the best of em they got the methamphetamines, I got the medicine and middle-finger to gatekeepers who won’t let us in all they trying to give the people is a sedative to sleep walk and be a slave to the nemesis we breaking chains making way for the exodus out the shadows of the cave, gotta represent by living proof from the page of my testament my inner-light be the truth that I bless em wit’ and to these ghost-writer rappers I’m the exorcist yeah, keep the circle tight with no parasites I see snake in they eyes… pair of dice as a youngster all I wanted was a pair of dimes… and my paradise… now I'm trying to change the paradigm and I ain’t got no air time on corporations I ain’t got no caroline all I got is hustle but don’t carry white now baggin’ up these prayer ties call us crazy to change the world but we dare try (24)
(André 3000) baby, grab the baby, cause baby, it ain't much time Mama Earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign dying and crying because of you (Verse 1) America — I’m not living in this lie land of the native tribe, shadow of the genocide ain’t hard to see, that since the colonizer brutalized democracy, is just a system that can prove your lies bloody hands, clean suit and tie foolish pride while headed for suicide why?.. bombs dropping out the sky over Palestine you paid your taxes now look into that child’s eyes is that your son or daughter that you see? or would you say that this price we gotta pay so that we “free” to this system all the people are commodities and 20,000 children die every day from poverty that’s deep, but the part that really bothers me... it seems most of us think that this the way it gotta be while the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting less so tell me who’s next? with their plans in effect I know it’s hard to take but living in denial — things will never change (André 3000) baby, grab the baby, cause baby, it ain't much time Mama Earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign Mama Earth is dying and crying because of you (Verse 2) can’t nobody live a lie like us and block out innocent cries, with our eyes wide shut one nation in a trance, in god we trust every 4th of July, see the skies light up while the bombs over Baghdad and over Pakistan tell me who’s behind the master plan?.. the master hand of the puppet politicians slick talking all I hear is false prophets and a broken promise ain’t no real change these republicrats all be on the same track just different trains people got possessions, but they mind enslaved dreams of armageddon, see the sky in flames are we supposed to die and just be giving up? are we supposed to live and just not give a fuck? and if “keep it real” is what you calling giving praise to the slave owner’s face on the dollar, I ain’t with it I’m saying — I believe there’s another option (18) (André 3000) she could not take it anymo' raping her heavenly body like a ho Mama Earth is dying and crying because of you baby, grab the baby, cause baby, it ain't much time Mama Earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign
(Verse 1) peep the timeline, police kill a black man pay money to the tax man, to drop bombs on an afghan while the kids are bustin’ shots, playing call of duty pretend to be in the military, fighting for the free now marvin G I gotta ask what’s goin on? even as a child, I could feel there’s something wrong now that I have grown I’m trying to comprehend before a youngster of my own, coming in gotta find a place that we could call home before they feel the cold of this world oh baby girl, please don’t lose ya soul to this world I want you to see a brighter day I want you to know there’s more than this so you will know the right of way so I will just pray for this world that we leaving for you people giving up but we gon’ be there for you cuz there’s a reason for you livin another world we dreaming for you for now, in my heart is where I’ll keep it for you (Hook) Hold on you got to hold on in this cold world hold on (Verse 2) I got no answers only questions if both sides think they’re righteous will the road to hell be paved with good intention? got no facts I’m only guessing, would it be effective… to fight ‘em with the weapons they invented? I can feel the tension, every time I give attention to the time line that downloads into my mind, all by design so divisive feeding in my vices, social media be streaming freely, but I wonder what the price is is this the way that life is, living in a society of sickness where you gotta be sick to fit in, oppressor or the victim where false idols shout loud and God whisper I’m learning how to filter and learning how to listen and what I choose to give attention to is my decision if I turn it off, and look inside, will I find the wisdom? beyond the definitions of division we been given another world is calling, tell me what’s your vision
(Verse 1) reminiscing as a child plagued with premonition recognize the signs, they say it’s superstition there’s a fine line between curse and a vision learned to find mine for this purpose I been given looking into the eye of the heart of the spirits that be watching me I know that this life is my odyssey I been guided and I’m grateful that you walk with me through the fire, I trust the plan that yal’ can see still the shadows of my past be trying to follow me but I accept it as a part of me I know the heart in me, love with the armory judgement of this world don’t belong to me get it out of me so it don’t harden me finally be healing up these scars so I can hear your wisdom like I knew it all along navigate this journey prepared for what’s to come I put down my weapons but the battle just begun (Hook) ooooh I feel the battle's just begun ooohhh though I’m here, I know we’re one so I pray I can listen knowing to keep my faith in you… in you (verse 2) and now I’m just a man without a home they say the measure of the man is by the miles he gone many crossroads have passed that lead to sacred ground many lost souls don’t last dancing with these sacred clowns, hypnotized now do you see the truth in the game? do you see the beauty in the pain of the sacrifice? they’ll stab your back then gas you up like exxon better get a vest on and find protection for when it’s feeling like too much I say that to say that I’m grateful to know who I can trust in other worlds, somewhere in between the message energy intention, reality and dreams manifested, credit to the blessing remember stay connected to my heart, that’s the essence my destiny been written in these pages and my life is the test dried the ink in my pen so I freestyled the rest (Hook) ooooh I feel the battle's just begun ooohhh though I’m here, I know we’re one so I pray I can listen knowing to keep my faith in you… in you
(verse 1) coming up from the underground, seen the world turned upside down lightning crack thunder sound, the weight feel like 5 hundred pounds dark age of a thousand years, where the people still live in fear fuel the greed and desire, the white race misuse the fire first the spark, then the flame, then the atom bomb that rained from the sky on Japan, world domination, that plan been in the works, set up control, but truth is what the future holds no one knows, humanity at the crossroads better be watching our step, mother earth we making her sweat (hot) life’s goes on, but the virus must be cleansed, bet the so-called “civilized” ‘aint ready better recognize what’s petty and what matters that survival of my family can’t be hooked to the mental narcotic, fiber optic, feeding our energy attention, we are the product, of the realest hologram perception I been sent to tell you raise ya muthaf***** hands (Hook) and stand up for what you believe or be a slave in the mind in the land of the free just another day in babylon until it rains what is it going to take us to wake up, in times of change? (verse 2) stay tuned, coming soon to theaters near you… destruction of humanity, saved by technology that’s a red flag of the blue bloods saying go green on a bluetooth black magic looking so beautiful when it seduce you hypnotized by all the screens in the matrix field of dreams simulated fantasy, don’t think, just be a battery on a nine-to-5, another clone, hive mind, honey comb keeping it G-M-O, vibrations stay so low like we walking around in a coma, what type of sh** are we on? this that brave new world soma, the only reality that we know they don’t need no cameras when the camera is all in your phone they don’t need no prison guard when the prison is all in your dome I see it I call it, but change coming, no way to stop this system falling under it’s own dead weight, hollowed from inside your stock is worth nothing when electronic grids shut off if we don’t respect our holy mother earth we get cut off yeah… (Hook) better stand up for what you believe or be a slave in the mind in the land of the free just another day in babylon until it rains what is it going to take us to wake up, in times of change?
(verse 1) I just wanted loyalty, she just want commitment I just want a rider, she just want the tickets I just wanna see the world, manifest the vision she just going with the flow, feeling my ambition ‘cuz opposites attract, how we met was synchronistic but now it’s like our timing’s off, and we so different I’m on the road, trying to grind for my goals and I wonder if her highs are worth her lows in the lab trying to focus, hit with accusations feeding off the drama, so I aint tryin to play this I just wanted something real, now I wonder if it’s there fixated on the image, did we live it just to share? let you in my home, now it’s cold on the side where she laid just another twenty-four and this story fade away guess I’ll never know, but wonder why she came so fast but the pain leaves so slow (hook) I don’t know why we play these games and I dunno why, I let you in my world just to watch it fade away I don’t know why we play these games guess we’ll let this be, another memory so quick to fade away (Verse 2) sometimes I forget that… this some type of game and it’s not the one I’m best at looking back I confess, my heart… wan’t really in it trying to win a queen like a chess match funny she be jockin’ me when I don’t text back she just want attention, right up until she get that what we want we can’t have, maybe that’s the dichotomy afraid to leave the past that’s the self-fulfilling prophecy and I dunno if you can play this game with honesty the more she got to know all of me, she seen the flaws in me probably she just want the image that she saw in me but she don’t like my posts no more, she unfollowed me it’s all good, I just thought that you should know that I thought you something special and I thought that we could grow but I know, but just the way it’s meant to be like your timeline, quick to fade into a memory (hook) I don’t know why we play these games and I dunno why, I let you in my world just to watch it fade away I don’t know why we play these games guess we’ll let this be, another memory so quick to fade away
(hook) somewhere overseas, I fly alone all I got is dreams and a microphone living through the music gotta give my all  find my place in this world… I don’t belong (verse 1) I been longing for a queen wit me, on the throne  but for now I let my heart be my only home seeking healing and forgiveness and to right my wrongs feel my destiny is calling gotta write my song  let the journey unfold, stay in my zone stay patient, listen close to what I’ve always known to calm the inner conflict of longing for a love that’s sacred but stay moving with a hustler’s nature, trying to make it but the definition keep on changing aint got a label, it’s more than entertainment, I’m trail blazin this road with no vacation  no recognition I deserve but I stay patient with desires my ego an my spirit, I walk that fine line trying to make it so they both co-sign it or go loco to find it this world got my soul so divided  type of pressure that mold coal to diamond (hook) (verse 2) it’s been a long time coming from sleeping in my cutlass feeling like there’s no one I could trust in but give thanks that my skin got toughened so I can keep the hate out now I’m trying to let the love in and let the past be and decomposed put it all in these redemption songs we compose see Creator got the plan and it’s a need to know… basis I blaze mics to make your speakers blow studied game and learned the secret codes don’t just do this for the fame, but so the people know I see another world, people say I’m dreaming though I keep on going and speaking in these freedom tones translated from my heart to make a decent song everyday I’m working hard for all the seeds to grow so I package up my harvest, now it’s legal though and I’m hustling my product ’til it reach ya soul (hook) somewhere overseas, I fly alone all I got is dreams and a microphone living through the music gotta give my all  find my place in this world… I finally belong


12-part visual mixtape over OutKast beats


released February 7, 2018

All lyrics written and vocals recorded by Quincy Davis
Mixed/mastered by Evan "K4" Hodge, Blackhorse Masters
© 7G Creative


all rights reserved



Quincy Davis Portland, Oregon

Quincy Davis is a music-producer, lyricist, recording artist and creative director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His work taps into the depths of his story and speaks to global issues we face as humanity, with the intention to inspire personal and collective transformation. ... more

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